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Worldbuilding, Incidentally, Purposefully

I’ve joined Campfire Write and WorldAnvil, and I’ll start posting world information on the latter once I figure out what to post. Every story I have published is part of a single, interlinked world, but in different time frames, as one might imagine…

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Applying to Become a Mojang Creator

So much has changed in the last couple of years, hasn’t it? Well, we’re looking to move in step with some of that change. ACME…

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New Story @ Medium: “Hard Lines and Code”

As promised, I’ve another new short story for y’all available at Medium, so drop what you’re doing and read it! …kidding! Though I’ll admit that’d…

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Tracking the Past (Part 4)

Part 4: Mostly Infamous Trideja was formed before Derek joined the group and in a way returned to three key creative talents. Dave was more…

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Shadow of Mordor, An Impression

It’s 11:45pm, and I’m determined to try on the murder suit. Is it a murder suit? I’m sure my machine is going to curse at me. I haven’t run anything this demanding since, well, ever. So I launch it. You know, click “Play” on Steam.

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Busy Poster: Castle Ashlar

So on a whim I’ve decided where the stories will appear. DRM is useless to me, and to that end I will be making these stories freely available with the option of supporting the work by purchasing the stories through as-yet-undetermined media outlets.

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