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A Few Hasty Pixels Posts

The Download Service Scam

Depositfiles, 2Shared, Rapidgator, Putlocker, Turbobit and let’s not forget All examples of pay-to-download services in the spirit of Mediafire with a spur for profit. We’re very familiar with them now, since it’s recently been discovered that the internet has bills to pay too. Also, we are fans of food. Can’t get by without it.

I find it interesting that so many have sprung up in the last two years.

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Quicknote: Can’t Reform Chaos

This is exactly the sort of mistake I was worried the writers were going to make without Lauren’s classic-minded guidance. My experience with her work is that she has a focus on strong character writing and sound psychological principles.

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Mojang Feature Good

Mojang is listening. Undoubtedly. Not only is the double slab block smooth stone getting to stay, it’s being partnered up with an updated smooth sandstone slab texture to pacify the masses. Let it not be said that this cadre ignores the now nine (9) million players who ponied up.

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Busy Poster: Castle Ashlar

So on a whim I’ve decided where the stories will appear. DRM is useless to me, and to that end I will be making these stories freely available with the option of supporting the work by purchasing the stories through as-yet-undetermined media outlets.

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Homebrew WiiRenew

So we did it… no, I did it. I’m a fan of using hardware to its utmost capacity. The Wii in this respect has been a let down from power on after unboxing. After a year I heard of Homebrew, because I’m an emulator enthusiast. It’s popular among those looking for good gaming experiences. These are like diamonds among the coal. After some effort, I discovered Homebrew was risky. Too risky.

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The Decision to Publish

I’ve approached the idea of publishing over the years, and until now it appeared to have a cost associated with it. That hasn’t changed, but it looks like it has. That’s important to understand.

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Social Mediums and Your Palms

There are many brands of online social media, but what is becoming of sites such as Facebook and Tumblr are the users who exploit them, and their intentions. Any enthusiastic Tumblr user can recognize the nature of the social environment, just as observant Facebook playas. This stands to reason and is in effect with all OSMWs (Online Social Media Websites). While this may appear obvious, it is not necessarily their mission.


Have You Noticed The Brown(outs)?

The App Store, purportedly the Ivory Tower of Apple’s Digital Empire, improving its status the most powerful digital provider in the world. Unquestionably they tout financial numbers that put them in something of the 1% of the 1% of the fists of cash holders.

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Yes Indeed, Ponyfeathers

As a character fan, I am a hard sell. Television as a whole does not gather my wool, so to speak. Those who watch Mythbusters unravel many of the worlds most entertaining physics events will relate to my point of view. Really, what else is there to watch besides reruns of our favorite shows? Anime is just too bloody morally doubtful to invest myself in any longer. Series that should have ended hundreds of episodes ago (Bleach) and/or weren’t dubbed very well (Naruto) no longer matter enough to hold the popular interest.

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